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    Hi Enfold Team,

    I am struggling with the speed load from media with Enfold.

    I have installed WP Smush, which seems to help a little, but it saves between 7-18 image sizes per photo. Here is an example:

    FEATURED_LARGE 18.87 KB ( 14.03% )
    FULL 18.72 KB ( 13.92% )
    GALLERY 18.59 KB ( 13.12% )
    MASONRY 17.81 KB ( 14.28% )
    ENTRY_WITHOUT_SIDEBAR 16.76 KB ( 17.38% )
    FEATURED 16.12 KB ( 17.16% )
    ENTRY_WITH_SIDEBAR 15.07 KB ( 20.09% )
    MAGAZINE 15.01 KB ( 20.19% )
    SHOP_SINGLE 14.41 KB ( 20.2% )
    PORTFOLIO 14.36 KB ( 21.91% )
    SHOP_CATALOG 14.21 KB ( 20.55% )
    MEDIUM 12.29 KB ( 31.91% )
    PORTFOLIO_SMALL 11.84 KB ( 41.3% )
    SQUARE 11.47 KB ( 48.98% )
    SHOP_THUMBNAIL 11.16 KB ( 64.35% )
    THUMBNAIL 11.05 KB ( 76% )

    How can I reduce the number of image sizes saved?

    Another example, when a photo is uploaded and used in the blog… I don’t need it to save any other size (I resize all my images before uploading), except maybe the thumbnail, correct?

    And… what do you recommend doing to increase site speed when using full width layer sliders? They are incredibly slow to load.


    Hi allyson2!

    Check your site out here,, and do the suggestions it gives you to speed up your site.

    A good plugin for minifying the JS/CSS is BWP Minify. A caching plugin would be good also. Those are the best ways to speed up a WordPress site.

    As for the thumbnail sizes that get created when you upload an image you can remove them around line 130 in the functions.php file.



    Thanks Elliot,

    You didn’t really answer my question. I always resize my photos before uploading, however, we have a ton of photos on our site and lot of sliders.

    As I mentioned above, I have WP Smush installed and it is saving multiple sizes for each photo because the theme “may” use them. I have read (and re-read) Ismael’s post below, and I am wondering if by “www optimizer plugin,” he is referring to ?

    And when Ismael says to install #2 and #3, do I install them at the same time? Sorry, if that’s a dumb question, but I’m not familiar with either of these plugins.

    And last but not least, is there anything else that you can recommend to speed up our site, in particular?


    These are the things that you can do to optimize the website speed and page load courtesy of the wordpress community:

    1. Optimize all images with AI/Photoshop before uploading to server ‘save as web safe’ jpg
    2. Once all images are uploaded on the website, optimize with www optimizer plugin twice 1hr 10mins apart.
    3. Install wp-smushit run once to remove jpeg extra data, then uninstall.
    4. Use BWP minify plugin to minify scripts and stylesheets.
    5. Install WP-Super cache, select all recommended settings.
    6. Logout your website, visit every page at least once to create super cache files.
    7. Join Cloudflare setup your website on their CDN, Choose options: Full CDN Optimisation save then activate purge files. once done log out.
    8. Have a cup of coffee.
    9. Visit your site after 20 minutes or so.
    10. Don’t forget to smile.

    Best regards,



    Use this code in theme / child theme functions.php to remove the sizes you’re not using:

    function ava_image_sizes() { 
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'ava_image_sizes', 11 );



    @ Josue:

    1. Does you code removes (deletes) the files from the /uploads folder, or
    2. makes it enfold just not load them?



    1. No, it doesn’t.
    2. It tells WordPress to stop generating those image sizes (registered by Enfold) from image uploads.

    Best regards,

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