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    How can I add multiple variation images? Currently, from what I can see, you can only add variation image for the main picture of a product. I have multiple angles photographed of product variations, but when you select a color – Only the main image variation changes, the multiple angles/photos/views of product should update also.


    -Main Product is Red

    -4 Red Images are shown

    –Select Blue Variation

    –Main Variation Image Can be Set and Updates to Blue when variation is selected

    –3 other images remain Red

    Is there a fix for this? I purchased this plugin for $12 that claimed to do the trick, no deal, it sucks with enfold.



    Hi gerry3211,

    Any extension that is supposed to do that should work with the theme as it just uses the default image options to have maximum compatibility with extensions.

    By default woocommerce doesn’t have that capability however. Which one did you purchase?




    I purchased WooThumbs.

    Though the plugin does the job, the issue I am having is that it takes as long as 5-8 seconds to display the relevant variation image.

    Anyone have another suggestion?


    Make sure your images are all under 200kb each so that there isn’t an issue with loading large images.

    In addition, check through the extensions documentation for any mentions on speed issues or optimization.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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