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    Hi Kriesi,

    I’ve post things in the past on your message boards and you have always been great getting back to me. Hopefully these problems are easy fixes.

    First thing is I am having limited compatibility with IE 8 and 9. IE10 works flawlessly, but 8/9 don’t do the site justice. It’s not the end of the world, and if need be I will install a javascript browser detector and switch to a very simple version of the site fo IE users, but just curious on your thoughts and any solutions.

    Next is the big issue. I have a real estate plugin installed (dsIDXpress by Diverse Solutions) on the site that uses a IDX system based on the US multiple listing service (MLS) that allows visitors to search for properties in the real estate market. Because of our location, there is only one pro service that offers a plugin for our area. On top of that its not cheap ($100 setup and $30/month). So basically we HAVE to use this plugin. However we are running into some bugs and I think its coming from the themes end. I had already contacted the plugin company and they explained that it was an issue with the theme. They may be just ignoring it, but I figured I would ask.

    The major is issue is the shortcode buttons in the TinyMCE do not work properly. You can see here:

    Any time I click any of the three buttons installed into the TinyMCE, a popup windows displays and a few moments later the error I linked to shows up. It is referencing something about the avia updater, which I believe has something to do with the advanced layout builder. Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix this? It’s crippling my usability of this plugin.

    Next thing is kind of two things in one. It again has to do with this plugin. One of the features it has is a property widget that can display properties within certain parameters either as a list or on a map. What I have done is created a custom widget area and added that widget on the homepage to display properties on a google map. The odd thing is it worked for about a day or so, and now its just displaying it as a list. I have gone back and looked at the widget settings and it still set to display as a map. On top of that, it started showing as a list instead of a map for me about a day and a half before it did some of my clients, so its behaving oddly. My next option would be to try the exact same setup using the shortcodes, but as described above, they will not load.

    Lastly that same widget I am placing into a custom widget area onto the page seems to be injecting code and a logo into the footer. Normally on a listing page that same text and logo will display just below the listing, but I think because I am placing a widget into the page and not on a sidebar, its messing up and throwing that data into the footer. It just looks really ugly and wanted to see if there is anything I could do about it. Honestly if we can get the shortcode buttons to work, all these problems may get resolved, but since I haven’t been able to use them I don’t know for sure.

    SORRY about the super long post, but its very important and urgent. If you need access to my wordpress backend or my ftp please let me know. ANY HELP you can provide is hugely appreciated.


    Hi doafilms,

    For the error, its just saying that file doesn’t exist. So re-uploading that folder via ftp directly should fix it. You could also try just re-downloading the theme files from themeforest and then re-installing on top of the current installation.

    The widget issue is somewhat hard to look into without seeing it live and in place. The widet areas work just like a normal widget area on any other theme so unless the plugin does something very different, there should be no issue.

    For IE8, there will be some issues because of the themes heavy use of css3 and html5 which ie8 has no support for. IE9 however should be pretty much the same. I recently did a bunch of debugging on IE so I know IE9 works well with Enfold 1.4.

    If you can provide links to these pages for each issue, that will allow us to go forward with trying to figure out whats going on.




    Hi Devin,

    I re-uploaded the functions-enfold.php file and it still doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a way I can private message you my wp and FTP login details so you could take a look if you don’t mind? Can’t resolve the error or the widgets working properly. The page the widgets aren’t working on are both (under Current Listings) it should be a map widget but it keeps displaying as a list) and also on (again the list is suppose to be a map, and if you were to look at the custom widget area it is set to display a map and not a list).

    The odd thing with the widgets is they were working, and without me changing anything, the started displaying a list instead. Even more bizarre is its happened at different times for me and my clients, but once its gone to a list it will never go back to the map. I am working on a Mac and have tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I do have Windows 7 running on Parallels and last time I checked the site seemed to display the map fine on IE10. Very strange.

    Please let me know if you can assist me further, would be an amazingly huge help! :)



    IE8/9 – The theme uses a lot of css3, and IE8 always had problems displaying… well everything, but especially its alergic too cool looking css transitions. I think that besides employees forced to use IE8 at the office, the rest of the loyal users expect the web to be a weird , gloomy, and always semi-broken place with lots of error popups. I think its misplaced nostalgia , but I am always worried that if too many websites start optimizing for IE8, that might spook the nostalgic users into downgrading further to IE7 or 6 heaven forbid.


    Wow. Charged you $100 just to blame the theme. Gotta get in on this racket, but can’t, since Kriesi despises greedy charlatans with a support department acting like a robot on a loop – blaming everybody else. Only programmers, an expensive technical staff, can properly support WordPress, an expense that too many companies balk at paying. On that note,.. lets see what we got here…,


    On ie9 some map comes up on your homepage i don’t see with other browsers. … Might be your missing browser. See and you worried about IE optimizations!


    Please look at the top of styles.css. The current version of the theme is 1.41 . If that’s not what your’s show on top of styles.css, then please download the updated version from, make a backup of your site, and using ftp overwrite your current site with the update.


    Look in functions-enfold.php in the root of theme, for line 568 and add // two forward slashes in front of the line just as shown below

    //add_action('admin_menu', 'avia_check_updates', 1, 1);

    Please see if the error went away. By the way, are you even able to login to the admin backend, because this error should be on every page of the backend.? Reread what you wrote. Hmmm.. Renegade javascript for sure.


    Right now you are probably in the top 3 of all wordpress sites i did support for .. yes, for sure … in the total number of .js and .css files attached to your site. It’s amazing there isn’t a single javascript error or even a warning.

    Is cloudflare compressing them correctly? (would you please disable cloudflare while doing this and empty the cache). then please disable every single plugin you have with the exception of that magic multiple listing . All others disabled! logout as admin, Clear the cache,, and browse the site to see if maps/widgets are being displayed correctly now.

    If none of this works you can send me login credentials , but please disable cloudflare, make sure its not doing anything more that what a normal DNS does. My email is usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com.



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