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    Is there an simple way in the Enfold theme to setup multiple Blos with dedicated categories? Client would like to have a “News” section but also a Training section, each a blog style with its onw categories.



    You can set up multiple Pages each one with their respective Blog Posts element set up to show only one category.



    Hi Josue, do you know what the purpose then is to define a page for the blog under theme options?



    It’s required for some features, i.e. the breadcrumb. If you’re on a category page (archive) the breadcrumb will use the blog page as parent.



    Hi there,

    a little late but this is the exact Topic I am looking for. I have the problem, that one of our customers wants three Blogs on his website. Career, Knowledge and News. I know, how I set up several pages with blog-elements, but I also need the BREADCRUMBS to reflect those Blogs. What I mean is Home / Career / Blogpost, Home / Knowledge / Blogpost | Home / News / Blogpost. At this moment, there is only on Breadcrumb Blog possible.

    Kind regards



    Hi Thorsten,

    You might want to look for a plugin that will allow you to build custom breadcrumbs like that.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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