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    I love this theme, but I am experiencing some odd issues. It doesn’t look like many others have the issue, so I wonder if i don’t have a corrupted file or something else.

    1. My portfolio feature does not seem to be working. Portfolios are like any other post and i cant see where I might change it. I can’t find were to input portfolio details, etc.

    2. The new footer copyright field won’t stick when i make a change.

    3. sometimes the text editor works, and sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes i can only see the text when i use the text instead of visual editor.

    4. shortcodes are not showing up in the editor.

    Sorry to be such a pain, I have been working with these issues and thought when i loaded the update it would self-correct but no such luck. Do you have any guess what could be wrong? do you need my url?



    Hi rynleigh,

    1) This is correct as far as I know. You can use the Advanced Layout Editor to make your individual portfolio display however you want and use the featured image to define the preview image.

    2) Try disabling all active plugins. I just tested it on my live install and am not getting any issues with it taking effect/not taking effect.

    3 and 4) Same as with #2, it sounds like there is a plugin or configuration for your wordpress installation not quite working correctly.




    ok. thanks. i understand the portfolio now. better this way, much more flexible.

    i am still having issues with the editor. i have not disabled all of my plugins because some of them are critical, but i will do that now just to be thorough. if it is an issue with the installation is there a way to uninstall and reinstall without losing my page layouts and content. i have a lot of content built and can’t afford to lose anything.


    Even if a plugin is critical, it can still be coded poorly or just have a conflict because of the way it integrates with the wordpress admin.

    Installing the theme files on top of themselves shouldn’t cause you to lose any data as all of the data is stored in the wordpress database and just changing the files doesn’t effect it unless you instruct wordpress to do so.




    I too have the problem with number 3, and tested it with all plugins disabled. It only seems to happen when I have done quite a bit of editiing on the page (eg opening and closing a few test editing boxes) prior to republishing. Once I encounter the problem, I press publish, and go back to editing, and the WYSIWYG editor works again fine.


    Hey lounge35,

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll try and re-create it following those steps and see if I can get a specific set of steps to cause it to always happen then see if we can find a fix at that point.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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