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    I prefer the multisite solution to make my ENFOLD in German & English.
    I don’t like plugins like Polylang or WPML, that make a mess with my site, if I disable them or don’t want to use any longer in the future.

    Has anyone good experiences with Multilingual Press:

    • I see some problems with the Layerslider integrated in ENFOLD, which probably would need a second instance (but I don’t know it for sure)?
    • And what about translating pages built with the Advanced Layout Builder?
    • And what about custom post types like my portfolio items?

    Anyone some experiences with MultilingualPress?



    I made a quick search on our forum but it seems like MultilingualPress might not be compatible with Enfold. I hope there are some Enfold users who can comment with more useful information :)



    Yes, I already searched the old forum posts – but I hoped, that there are some new informations on MultilingualPress.
    Perhaps someone else?


    YES, it works perfectly! I tried it out now and tested it – works!

    I always love being independent from plugins – you never know, how long they will be maintained in the future, especially a problem with translation plugins.

    MultilingualPress is based on the multisite function of WP – and since I already use a multisite, this was the perfect solution. The plugin itself is FREE (!), only the premium support is not free, but the free forum does it well, too.

    It works – even with ENFOLD’s AdvancedLayoutBuilder; the only thing you need to do is, turn on the debug mode of ALB (

    Then when you edit a post or page, you simply copy the complete code from the debug area below the post/page and paste it in the editor area at the very bottom of the post/page, where the translation happens.

    And when you go to the English counterpart of your post/page, then the only thing you must do, is click on the “Advanced Layout Editor” button … and tatataaaa … you have all ALB elements also in your translation.

    And for the language switch, this shortcode from Ismael works perfectly:



    Thanks a lot for your update! :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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