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    Hi Kriesi,

    Great theme, I’m sure it will feature first at Themeforest very soon.. Worked with a dozen themes – so far never seen something quite like it. I’m impressed.!

    Although I’ve used WPML in the past – still using it in some projects – it seems that it doubles (sometimes triple..) the database queries, for no apparent reason. This happens only with the Enfold theme.

    I’ve tried a free plugin – called Polylang – which works great and it’s extremely lightweight, but for some reason both original and translated posts, portfolio items, etc are not displayed (even though the categories are selectable through the page builder).

    Is Enfold built with WPML dependencies and if this is the case is there a way to ” turn them off ” so that I can use another plugin?



    Yes, Enfold uses a special config file (located in wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-wpml) which is required to use all theme features with WPML. Without the config.php file the portfolio custom post type won’t translate properly and you can’t set different theme options for different languages (which is necessary if you want to set a different logo, etc. for each language). The config file itself doesn’t “break” Polylang for sure but the main problem is that our theme isn’t “prepared” for Polylang. All translation plugins require hooks (actions or filters) and translation functions to manipulate the query or output based on the current selected language and imo Polylang won’t work without some theme code adjustments. There’s no need to turn existing code “off” because it won’t be executed anyway if WPML isn’t installed/activated but you’d need to “add” new code which integrates Polylang into Enfold. That said I’d stick with WPML because we can’t help you with polylang, qtranslate or other translation plugins out there.


    Thanks Dude for the prompt and detailed response,

    I was planning to comment out “require_once( ‘config-wpml/config.php’ );” in functions.php, but it won’t make any difference, as you ‘ve pointed out. I intent to open a new thread at about the insane amount of requests that I’d recommend the WPML plugin. produces with Enfold…

    Check out (at the bottom left footer..) this empty page – – it makes 116 queries with almost no content.

    FYI Enfold – without WPML activated – produces less than 50..

    Thanks again for your response, I will follow your suggestion.


    Hi Dude, one last question about WPML plugin. integration in Enfold,

    I will “widgetize” the Logo in order to display a different graphic for every language, so I really don’t need to repeat every bit of customization over and over again for every language.. Multilingual theme options is a great feature, but all I need is to change the graphic for the Logo – everything else will be consistent across languages.

    Kindly provide a solution, cause the client asked for 5 languages… Preferably a.. php one :)



    Hey sigmawebgr,

    That is a bit beyond what we can offer via support. It will need to be checked for cross browser compatibility as well as ensure no other issues come up as a result of it.

    Your best route is to look into a freelance developer. There are services like and elance where you can quickly hire someone to do the coding for you.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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