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    i use WPML but i can’t found how to show different footer in each language. please can you help me?


    Hey zchristos!

    Your best route for a question specificlaly for WPML would be their support forums but I found a few sources after googling the question that may help you:



    Hi Davin,

    I mean footer widgets, your theme support WPML, i can have a sidebar widgets in your theme, but i can’t found how i can have also different footer widgets per language in footer.

    please can you help me how i can do this?



    Yes, we do support WPML integration but we aren’t WPML so I can’t even say if that is possible or not with just the plugin. You can check with the WPML documentation to see if you can have different widgets for different languages or something like that.


    In the widgets now i can make “Enfold Custom Widget Area” and in theme option “Enfold” in each language i can select which sidebar i want to display in each language. I ask again, i can do with this way also for the footer widgets or i Have to do manually?



    No, you need to do it manually. You can use “Widget Logic” ( ) to display/hide certain widgets for certain languages.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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