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    Enfold is a GREAT theme. But, I have one small issue. Despite being shown as IE8 compatible in Themeforest, I have found that menu items longer than one word overlap when displayed in IE8. The telephone number (text widget) also wraps on the right siadebar like so:
    IE8 Version

    When compared to:

    IE10 Version

    How can I correct this please?

    Oh, and the Enfold Google Maps Widget is not displaying under ‘Location’ in the sidebar.

    Yeah, I know that MSIE8 has been dead since disco, but some of our clients still have this.

    kind regards,

    Graham (PPCHound)

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    Hey PPCHound!

    Both issues will be fixed in the next version. To fix the google maps issue see: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -explorer/#post-170437 and you can fix the menu issues with following code

    a {max-width:none\9;}

    – insert it into the quick css field.



    Hi Peter,

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I posted the code snippet into the quick CSS field, but, unfortunately, the menu issue still persists. :(

    kind regards,




    Please try following code instead

    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }



    Woo hoo! That’s nailed it! MANY THANKS Peter.

    Just have an issue now with the site logo not resizing and I’m good to go. Will there be a fix for that too please?

    On the other side of the coin, I’m REALLY ENJOYING using your theme. Excellent work. My grateful thanks to all your team members.

    kind regards,


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    I checked your logo in Chrome, Firefox and IE and logo resizes well on all. Can you post a screenshot for that as well?

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for taking a look.

    In IE8 the new logo looks like this:

    IE8 logo

    The bottom of the logo is cut off

    The logo should look like:

    Full logo

    If I scroll down the page the logo becomes:

    Logo When Scrolled

    kind regards,




    I did some test and the logo issue seems to occur on Enfold 2.2 and older versions. The logo on IE8 has been fixed on Enfold 2.3.1. Please download it on your themeforest account. Update your Enfold installation via FTP. Watch this video:



    Hi Ismael,
    That’s just weired as I am using Enfold 2.3.2. Can’t understand why IE8 hates me :)




    Try using a logo that is 171px wide. IE8 will just continually give you logo issues when using a logo larger than the container and trying to let the theme adjust for it dynamically.


    Hi Devin,

    OK, I’ll look at that. But I set my logo size to be 340px x 156px as per the logo section of the Enfold options panel.

    kind regards,




    Please let us know if Devin suggestion helped you or not.


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