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    Two quick questions :

    1) How can I move the search icon so it sits next to the Social Media icons?

    2) How can I change the Social Media icons? I’d like to add a custom one.




    1.) What type of header do you have?

    2.) Adding your icons is a bit complicated for now. Kriesi will make it easier on future updates.

    You can follow this link:




    Thanx Ismael,

    1) I’m using “Header with Social Icons and bottom Navigation”

    2) Thanx. I’ll look through this.

    Is there an email I can send you a link to? Don’t want to post the site publicly.


    I’ve read through the tutorial, but don’t see a way to add a custom icon.

    I would like to use a custom “blog” icon from here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .php?pid=1 as one of the social media icons. How would I transfer it to the webfont format that seems to be needed (via fontello) in order to use it?


    It’s not possible to add a custom icon to the fontello font set. I’d suggest to use the “append” parameter to add custom html code to the social icons – see (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -icons-in-the-header


    Ok, that should solve the custom icon issue. Thank you!

    Could you tell me how to move the Search (with the same rollover / click functionality) next to Social Icons? So basically, the Search Icon, with the same rollover / look & feel of the Social Media icons.


    I did not test this code mod but try following – in functions-enfold.php delete:

    add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'avia_append_search_nav', 10, 2 );

    Then open up header.php and replace

    $social_args = array('outside'=>'ul', 'inside'=>'li', 'append' => '');


    $form = htmlspecialchars(ob_get_clean()) ;

    $form = '<span id="menu-item-search" class="noMobile menu-item menu-item-search-dropdown"><a href="?s=" data-avia-search-tooltip="'.$form.'">'.$avia_config['font_icons']['search'].'</a></span>';

    $social_args = array('outside'=>'ul', 'inside'=>'li', 'append' => $form);


    Thank you. I will try this on Monday. Not sure why, but I don’t seem to be getting email notifications of updates from these forums. Shouldn’t I?



    No, the forum does not support mail notifications at the moment. This will hopefully change with the new website…

    Best regards,


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