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    Is posible to make in Enfold something like in this example ?
    Thank You


    Hi pedronx!

    Yes, it should work fine but you are going to need to make the most things manually –

    Best regards,


    Hello Yigit!

    I have the same problem: I have a single page site that uses anchors to position different content on the site and buttons to scroll to the specific section. Now when scrolling with a mouse almost 99% of the time the scrolling stops between sections and thus making it really difficult to concentrate on the content.

    The link above shows exactly the same scrolling feature I’m looking forward to applying to my Enfold website – My website

    There’s a zip file with what looks to be a plugin, but does not install in wordpress.

    Would you be so kind to advise us on how would it be possible to maybe use some of these features to improve the “mouse scroll to #section” feature a bit please?

    If the whole procedure takes too long to compose then I would be more then grateful if you advise a general direction or a little hint on where to start then I could maybe figure it out. Add something somewhere, place something somewhere, look something up from somewhere ect…

    Sunshine and cookies,




    I checked your anchor links on Chrome and they seem to work totally fine for me. Are you talking about mouse wheel scroll only? it seems to be weird on your website, as it is very sensitive, which should not be like this.

    Try to deactivate all plugins, to check if one is causing this issue and let us know about your results. If that does not help send us admin access, so we can take a deeper look into it.

    Are we allowed to deactivate all your plugins temporarily by ourselves as well for testing purposes?

    Best regards,



    The anchor links are working fine. I have no trouble with them as far as clicking a header link or something on the website set as a link to make the page scroll to a specific anchor link. So this does not need further focus.

    The fast scrolling is due to a plugin I use to make the scrolling smoother. The thing is that in order for the parallax feature to have any effect at all is to have a a smooth scrolling experience thus making the movement between the foreground elements and the background image movement more noticeable. Enfold does not provide this feature by default so a plugin has to be used. This is a must but I believe I can fix this on my own with trial and error thus no need to focus here either.

    The real deal I’m looking forward to is the MOUSE SCROLLING experience. Like mentioned in the previous comment – there is a theme called “fullpane” which has a really good mouse scroll feature. Namely every flick on the mouse scroll wheel will send you to the next anchor link. This makes navigating the webpage much easier and the visitor uses way less energy to pinpoint content with his/her scrolling. Also works with mobile.

    Any hints, ideas?

    Much gratitude,



    I tried the first plugin and it this does what I have already accomplished in my website. Namely scrolling to page ID(anchor points) by clicking either links on the webpage or the header menu items. I tried all the checkboxes and all the buttons, followed through the tutorials but I don’t think that is what I was looking for. So I don’t need that.

    The second one I’m not sure how to install or try. It just says to “Include it in your theme manually” to different strings of code. I could use a little help on specifying what to copy where exactly. As in “Copy this piece of code to your file.php(or whatever) that you will find when navigation to this or that folder.”

    The third plugin I have installed and it is quite useful but it does not accomplish what I was talking about above.

    So I’ll try o I’ll try to make it as easy to follow as possible.

    Step 1:
    Go to this demo page:

    Step 2:
    Use your mousewheel to scroll. (kindly notice how it is not just scrolling but transitioning to another section on the page and jumping over the gaps between. )

    Step 3:
    Kindly advise if it is possible to implement something like this to your theme if I was using a single page website with section IDs(anchor points) to define different sections.



    It is possible to scroll the page to a section when user clicks the menu. Currently the theme does not support the mouse wheel navigation of the sections please make a feature request here . However at the moment you can achieve it by using a third part plugin we have not tested any on enfold to recommend the one that works perfectly.

    Please give us more time so we can get back to you with a solution . We will keep this ticket open and update the results here please be patient.



    Hi there,
    I am interested in this feature too and I have made a feature request. I hope you will implement it, it is a very nice feature since other premium themes like yours already have it.




    Please vote if such feature was already requested or vote your own request :)

    Best regards,



    Feature request added under the name


    Everyone who wants this feature implemented then please vote on the following page



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    Hi Mikk,

    Thanks for that, let’s hope it gets implemented in a future release.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Any news on this feature? I searched on the requests page but it wasn’t there, I have an interest in this implement too.



    Hi Nerohm,

    We have no plans on implementing this as of now unfortunately.

    Best regards,

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