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    Hi Support
    We get this warning for Google all the time – Mobile Usability issues detected
    1/ Text too small to read
    2/ Clickable elements too close together

    Our customers need it fixed,
    NOTE: we are just using standard buttons and fonts from the Enfold Theme templates. It happens on many of our clients websites, no particular Template.

    Please advise what the fix is, we can’t just ignore this our clients get very upset, and it hurts their Google ranking and indexing..

    Attached is the screenshot from Google Search Console. As well as the HTML from the crawled page that Google listed in the Search Console.

    Login details below for a new clients single page website, please let me know if there is anything else.

    Thanks you
    Dave Cane


    Hi Dave,

    I have several personal sites which I have gotten the same “error” message sent to, and none of the use Enfold, so it’s not theme related. We’d be happy to help you out with alterations though, if you can point out which elements are too small to read, and too close together.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard
    The Document I shared has the complete page. Maybe if you find the fix for Enfold you can fix your other sites and help other users. As there must be an issue if it brings up a warning for Google so often.

    Google drive folder with Screenshot and the HTML code Google heighlighted –
    I and probably many, many other would be very grateful, including Enfold

    Cheers Dave


    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the update. That doesn’t help much unfortunately, as it doesn’t specify which elements are too close together or too small to read. Please point out the element which you want to alter, and we’ll give you some custom CSS to use.

    Best regards,

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