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    Hi Enfold team,
    we are using enfold for very many projects, but there are a lot of stuff missing for mobile use e.g.
    – post slider as carousel with swipe functionality (and going offgrid)
    – image slider gallery with swipe functionality (and going offgrid)

    Is it possible to use any plugins to make this happen?



    Slider elements including the Post Slider element in Enfold do support swipe functionality on mobile.

    Could you please show us some examples?

    Best regards,


    overflow carousel for Images, Posts etc.

    Header Slider which reacts directly on tap and slide. not with a delay.

    And problem with columns is, when you have two columns within a color section with “no spacing” and background color. in dektop it works, but in mobile there is a spacing between theses columns.


    Thanks for the links to your demos, I see that they are from Squarespace so I don’t believe that these are available as plugins for WordPress, and I have not tested any similar plugins.
    While our Post Slider element does support swipe functionality on mobile, it is not the same as these, I imagine that you can find a similar plugin with shortcodes to reproduce this if you wish.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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