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    We did tweak some css to get the overlayed logo effect and somethings to the nav so I can understand why the tumbler (drop down) nav is effected on mobile for , but the entire site seems to also lock up. I am using an iphone 4 with safari, but it does the same on an Android tablet (nexus 7). I would like to get some spacing between the logo – nav and slider on mobile – any chance you have some css that would make that work? Also, why does the site look so fubar on mobile, also taking a while to load any suggstions are appreciated.

    Also, congrats – this website is over 1.5 mil page visits in the first 45 days so obviously Kriesi Themes kick ass, we love your stuff at LinkRep.



    Your page has numerous identical errors because your website uses HTTP and you are connecting to Google Maps server using HTTPS ( https;// ) which results in a very slow, choppy, fubar website. Please be consistent , and use either all HTTPS or all HTTP. i counted 80 errors in 15 seconds and more were coming none stop..

    That’s part of it. The other part is harder to deal with . . Your page has 250+ individual objects that are being loaded while most sites have around 110. Take a look at the amount of gunk that’s being loaded from i am not sure where since a fresh theme doesnt load 1/4 of these. Your site shouldn’t take this long to load or you will get a penalty. the initial 2 second wait speaks of a problem with sql server. talk to your host about this, as perhaps they might be overselling a bit..

    1.5 million? nice! Kriesi has been working on a new design for this site which will be unveiled i believe sooner than later.


    Nice customization of Choices on the linkrep website, I like the font on bottom right ,,, very crisp. though you are using a very old version of Choices, around 10 months old at least.. that I would update from your 1.5 to 1.9 , the current. You shouldn’t be running 1.5….. you can use to transfer any customizations you made to the templates and if none were made, then update with straight ftp.




    Hi Nick,

    I think i’ve got the same problems with mobile: I’v got 2 google maps on the website but not at home. Do i have to remove them?

    Could you please help me?




    Hi Nick,

    Got it! It was the .htaccess. I 301 Redirected some enfold links to home.

    Thanks anyway.


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