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    I’m using WP 5.0.3, Enfold 4.5.3, and a transparent header with a sticky menu. The problem is when the menu goes mobile, it pushes all content down about the height of the menu. When this happens, the business name and tag line, which are absolutely positioned at (what I thought was) the bottom of its color section, gets pushed out of view. I need to know how to fix this. Enfold is a great theme, but you guys have SO many nested elements that it becomes difficult to find the culprit. I’ll put a link to the site in the private content below.

    On a related note, when you add IDs and/or class names to an element in the visual editor, MANY times you cannot simply target that element with the ID/class name you just assigned because there are a bunch of other elements within the element that actually got the ID or class name. This is just an observation. I know you can’t do much about it at this point, but quite often it does take longer to apply styles because of this.



    Hey scotthco,

    Could you please attach some screenshots of the issue?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria:

    The easiest way to notice what’s going on is to view it just on either side of where the menu goes to mobile, which right now is at 990px. So here are screen shots at 990 and 989. You can see that the buttons, the site name and tag line (and all other content) is pushed down under 990px wide, but the header image stays put. If you were to download them and use a viewer to flip back and forth between the two, it’s quite obvious.

    Is there some container element to which I can apply a negative margin (or something other CSS) that will keep everything at the same relative “height”?




    Actually I just found it: .responsive.html_mobile_menu_tablet.html_header_top #top #main

    I’m guessing that if I remove the .html_mobile_menu_tablet part, it would adjust apply to all mobile menus whether it starts at 989 or 767, right?


    Hi scotthco,

    The mobile header is not transparent and yes, content normally starts after the header so it is offset by the header height.

    Yes, the mobile breakpoint is 767px. The tablet starts at 768px.

    Do you mean that you want header transparency on the tablet?

    Best regards,

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