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    Hi guys,

    It appears there is only the slide out mobile menu available since the 2.6 upgrade. My client actually wanted the old style dropdown menu, not the slide out menu. How do I put it back please?



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    Hey meanster99!

    As far as I know it was completely removed as it didn’t fit with the new header layouts. I’ll tag Kriesi on the topic as I don’t know if it can be added back in or if you would need to just roll back to the previous version.




    It seems that due to this the menu does not show in new languages when using WPML; the original language shows the mobile menu button ; but when switching to another language the the menu option disappears.

    As the following option did disappear ( Enfold theme options > Header and choose to display “Display as Slide Out Menu” in Responsive Header Main Menu ) it now seems we are stuck with other languages without any menu.



    Can you please give us a link to the website? Please try 2.6.1, afaik Dude already provided a patch for the WPML language selector.



    Hi I have just discovered this on my site too – without the preferred drop down menu my logo gets squished

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    Please make sure that the header settings are saved properly for all languages. Go to Enfold > Theme Options > Header and check the settings. Then click the “Save Changes” button. Afterwards select another language from the language switcher (can be found in the admin toolbar at the top) and then check the Enfold > Theme Options > Header and check the settings of the translated website. Probably the settings are a bit different and you need to re-configure them. Afterwards hit the “Save Changes” button again.




    Tried that of course before already, but it didn’t work; so just for testing it again i just tried again.

    It seems they are all the same now though (only difference was that the header for dutch was on small and for English on large.
    but still it does not show the menu icon.

    Please note tat WPML was probably installed after the upgrade to 2.6; so any settings which may been there before 2.6 for dutch would not have been there ; maybe that may hint towards the issue. If you need more information, please let me know


    We have the same issue without Responsive Header Main Menu as an option. The mobile menu overlaps our logo. Any ideas on how to fix this?


    Hi guys,

    I feel my OP has been hijacked a bit and is now about the WPML problem. All I want to know is can the old dropdown mobile menu be put back in? If I have to roll-back a version how do I do that please? I’d rather not have to roll-back though!

    Many thanks,



    Hi Matt,

    No, it can’t be put back in as far as I know. You would need to re-upload 2.5.4 with the previous header setup.




    Hi Devin,

    I was hoping that your tagging of Kriesi would provide a definitive answer. If I’ve deleted my previously downloaded theme files, where will I find a copy of version 2.5.4 please?




    If you send me an email I can forward it over to you: devin [at]


    @measter99 it was not at all my intention to hijack your OP it was about: “Mobile Menu options” which did disappear.
    this is exactly where the WPML is also going wrong.


    @040hosting – no worries, I wasn’t have a dig at you or anyone else, just wanted to bring the topic back to my original question. Feel free to carry on with the WPML stuff now though…hope you get it sorted.


    Theme version sent so I’m closing the topic for now. Kriesi fully removed the supporting javascript for the dropdown mobile menu with 2.6 so it isn’t at all possible to use it with a further version of the theme right now.

    Any other issues or topics can be asked as a new topic.



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