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    I think this has been a problem before, and the fix provided (open custom fields, and change header_title_bar to title_bar_breadcrumb, doesn’t work form.

    If I however disable advanced layout editor and add normal WYSIWYG content, the title/breadcrumbs re-appear, but disappear when I change it back.

    Any advice?

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    Hi kingsloi!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Please provide a link to the page. Did you set the header to transparent?



    Hi Ismael,

    Sure thing! I’ve added it to the private content.

    I have tried setting and unsetting every option in the page editor, I’ve tried to delete the page and adding it again, and still doesn’t show. It only happens on my contact page (with the URI being contact), could that be the reason? It’s extremely strange. It’s due to go live in the next week, so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!




    Can you please create a temporary admin login and post it here privately?




    Sure. Can we screen share?

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    What i had in mind did not work :)
    Can you please firstly update Enfold to the latest version 3.5.4 –

    Best regards,


    Hey Yigit,

    No worries!

    If I upgrade the version with the method you’ve linked, does it update the parent theme or does it update the child theme? Or download 3.5.4, and use git/ftp to upload it?



    Parent theme is being updated. If you update the theme manually via FTP, you can simply overwrite parent theme

    Best regards,



    So I manually updated with (locally, and pushed with git) to 3.5.4, and now they’ve all disappeared!

    Anything you can advise on?


    So I figured out if you delete the page, give it a new permalink, the breadcrumbs + title DO show. However, if you edit the page again, change to Advanced Layout Editor and drag in a contact form, it’s then that they disappear and become impossible to get back.

    I hope that helps!


    I figured it out!

    Long story short I didn’t realise that if you use the Advanced Layout Editor, it doesn’t use a template file, it uses the template-builder.php. Because I’ve moved the page title/breadcrumbs to be nearer the content, I’ve just added

    echo avia_title();


    echo avia_new_section(array('close'=>false,'main_container'=>true, 'class'=>'main_color container_wrap_first'));

    underneath around line 38 in template-builder.php

    Problem sorted!

    Thanks for everything



    Glad to hear you solved the problem! Feel free to reach out to us again here on the forum if you need assistance with anything else.


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