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    there are big trouble to minify the scripts and styles from enfold..

    1. I tried to minify the js and css ressources with a couple of PlugIns. All plugins in trouble with: style.css, layout.css, base.css, shortcodes.css, woocommerce-mod.css, avia.js and shortcodes.js.

    The site breaks as long as this files are included?? If I exclude them, all works fine but that means 7 queries more and Googles PageSpeed hate this.. Any idea to fix this?

    Tried it with Wp Better Minify, Wp Minify, Autoptimize, AssetsMinify’s,

    2. Does Enfold use Lazy Load?

    Best regards


    Hi Bruno!

    Kreisi uses this on all of the demo content: http://wordpress.org/plugins/bwp-minify/

    The multiple queries should really not matter that much. If its a case where you really need to reduce them to a single file for CSS or JS then it should be done manually and in the same order they are enqued in the functions.php file/header.php.

    There is some form of lazy loading in place though I don’t know if its specificly the classic lazy load script off hand.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin, thanks for reply..!

    I have tried it with bwp-minify. It breaks my site. It can happen that there is a conflict with other stylesheets from Plugins, I don´t know.

    But I think that I have found a solution. Perhaps it is informative for other users.. Try out which one is the best for you.

    “AssetsMinify’s” can be a solution, but I must exclude all enfold styles and scripts to get it work without issues. Not so great.. And it´s out of the box unusable with CDN. You have to config a new path in the php-files for it.. But it seems that it is very terrible for the loading time of the website. It needs more time than the theme itself. Checked it with P3..

    “Autoptimize” works good in Chrome and Firefox, but it breaks in Safari (all OSX). Cool for usage with CDN.

    Very cool Features are included in “Dependency Minification”. After you have installed it you have to open your websites Frontpage. The rest will done from the plugin. It combine different resources inside Header and Footer. Here the same, it works very well in Chrome and Firefox, but breaks in Safari..

    My Solution for CSS: “MinQueue” .. ! After you have installed it, you have to go to the options to enable the helper. After this, open the Frontpage in a new tab in the same Browser. Now in you´re adminbar is a Button “MinQueue”. Click it. Now you can see a list of all scripts and styles been loading with you´re website in the right order.
    Select all other files without the files from enfold and put them in the box. Then create a new queue and insert just the enfold styles in it, but also in the right order.
    It works without any issue in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, the files are pulled from CDN and it has good performance values.

    I don´t config it out with the scripts this moment. Wanna do this in the next days..



    Its worth the time to read over how to set up the plugins if you have not done so. For instance bwp has this guide: http://betterwp.net/wordpress-plugins/bwp-minify/#advanced_customization

    There is almost no minify plugin or even caching plugin that will work out of the box without any real configuration.


    Hey Devin,

    yes you´re right, it´s worth.

    I read the manual and I think bwp-minify makes a good job with the scripts, but it´s not possible to handle the stylesheets the way I need it. In my case it breaks my Layout so I have to exclude a lot of stylesheets with the snippet. But that results in more queries..

    I use MinQueue. It works pretty nice for me..

    Today I played just one hour to fix all the scripts. In the last days with all the other Plugs I needed hours for bad results..

    Now I have just 2 queues for css, one for the enfold-styles, and one for all others – both in the Header before the scripts. And I have 4 queues for javascript, 2 in the Header (most of them with jquery) and 2 in the footer.

    All of them pulled correctly by CDN.

    I´ve started with 25 Stylesheets (12 from Enfold), and 34 Scripts. Why this much? Oh, you can make WordPress combined with Enfold to a monster … :)

    We need all the stuff for WooCommerce, Membership-Area and our own Community with bbPress and BuddyPress, Video-Gallery, Security, Optimization and additional Features in the Backend.

    This moment we´re on a shared-hoster with a small package and GTMetrix gives us 91% and 80% and a loading time of 5.. I think if we upgrade it, we become some points more.. :) We´re on a Apache with xCache.

    Really nice Theme and a good Team!! I will use for more projects in nearly future. Thumbs up!!

    Here some Tipps for Plugs that gives us a good result:

    Performance: WP Super Cache, Options Optimizer, Plugin Organizer, WP-Optimize, WP. Smush.it and MinQueue. To check Plugin-Performance: P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). To Backup your Website: BackUpWordPress. Security: Wordfence, Better WP Security.

    All of them are wellcoded with good Performance-Values.

    Hope this can help some people. Please close this Topic. Thanks

    Best regards

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