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    I am having a problem with the sub menu when using my site on tablets

    My site is a one page portfolio with the menu items linking to areas of the page, when i select a menu item it is fine, but when I select a sub menu item, the sub menu stays open! Any help would be greatly appreciated



    Hi amabharaj!

    Can we see your site live so we can inspect the code live?




    I can’t reproduce the issue on my android 4.1 phone – all menu items are clickable and if I click on an item the page scrolls to the right position and the menu fades out. I’ll tag it for Devin – he can test the website with an ipad.



    thanks a lot, I think it might just be with safari



    As far as I know this is how Safari/iOS treats hover states. They get set to active until clicked off of but as a user you don’t typically need to do that unless you decide not to navigate. Using it on a one page layout the user would need to since they aren’t refreshing the page.



    ok thanks,

    could you suggest any way I could change this so the menu doesn’t stay open?



    I don’t know of any way to change it. Apple keeps their device side effects pretty hard coded and it isn’t something I’ve ever run across a solution for.

    I just did a bit of searching and it looks like there are some basic methods for it out there but I don’t know if any would in turn cause or not cause any issues.

    If its a must have feature change I would recommend having a freelance developer find a solution and add it in for you so they could then further debug any errors.


    oh right, that sounds a bit tricky, could you send me some links to the basic methods you have found? I could try some of those?




    You should probably go and hire a freelance developer to fix this for you. Please wait for Devin to respond.

    Best regards,

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