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    How can I set the menu buttons to display an “on hover” state like this website? (Flat color)


    Hey newtonlinchen,

    Please provide a link to YOUR site so we can inspect this further and provide the needed css.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    In private.



    Add the following to quick css and adjust th colors to whatever you need:

    .header_color .main_menu ul:first-child>li>a:hover {
    background-color: white!important;
    color: black!important;

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Sorry, but it didn’t work. It made all the menu area become white, not only the button (on hover).

    Perhaps another css code would work?



    Note: I removed the code you gave me above, because I can’t have the whole menu area like that. What I need is just a “on hover” state with flat color as the previous example.


    Hello: IT WORKED.

    It was MY mistake: I had the “Logo Area Background Color” turned into white.

    Now I think it’s fine.




    Glad we were able to help, we will close this now. Thank you for using Enfold.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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