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    Before purchase this theme I wrote this in presales-question:

    “if I use “ENFOLD” like a “one-page-web”, can I make links in menu to differents sections inside of this homepage? (like when I press “learn more” in one-page demo of ENFOLD, but using principal menu)”

    and I got this reply:

    “Yes thats possible. Once you have purchased, if you got any problems with that simply open up a thread in our support forum and my team will walk you trough the process :)”

    … then, please, how can I do it?




    Yes you can, in the menu you’ll need to create custom links elements and assign the URL to the ID of the specific section:

    The IDs are incremental for each section: av_section_1, av_section_2, av_section_3. In case of an Slider: layer_slider_1

    If you have problems finding the IDs of your sections please post a link to your website.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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