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    I created a custom menu for my site to act as a side menu on some pages. I have 10 items on the menu (in the menu section), but there are only 9 items showing on the pages.

    I looked in the forums and saw another thread where it said to ask the server manager to edit the php.ini and increase the max_input_vars to 5000, which they’ve done, but it’s not solved the problem.

    This is the page where you can see the side menu…I’ve added a ‘Step 8’ on the menu, but it’s not showing on the page: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -me/




    Hey Claire!

    If the menu item shows up in your backend then the issues of the 2 threads are not related so this is my first question:

    Does the menu item stil show up in your backend or is it lost once you save the page?
    If its still visible would you mind posting us access data to your wordpress isntallation so we can take a look?

    In that case make sure to check the “Set as private reply” checbox at the bottom of the form so only moderators can see the data

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    Hi Claire!

    Just logged into the site ready for debugging but it seems that the problem is already solved? Can you confirm that it also looks like it should on your end? If so, mind letting me know what the problem was?



    I’ve no idea – I thought you’d done something!! :) Guess it was just one of those things, as I’m not aware that I did anything that could change it…


    Haha, nice. No I didn’t do anything :D
    Well anyways, glad it is solve :)

    Going to close this thread, if you need anything else feel free to open up a new one :)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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