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    Recently menu items are disappearing from main menu. One whole column from a mega menu = gone Other pages from a mega menu column = gone. Calendar menu item (we use Modern Tribe Events Calendar Pro) sometimes disappears of its own accord and can be problematic in getting it back up again.
    Most times when revising main menu instead of the hierarchy remaining as designed it goes to each page being a menu item. This check box unchecked itself and is sometime hard to get it to remain checked. Theme locations Enfold Main Menu

    Any suggestions / advice?
    Thank you!


    Hey debacqua19!

    Some times based on the size of the menu, WordPress actually does that.
    Can not relocate enough space / memory to work right.
    Have you noticed if it does it only with our theme, or does it with all?

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,

    Thank you for your response.

    Our menu is not incredibly big but maybe too much so? Can you take a look at it?

    We only use Enfold so I have no idea about other themes, sorry to say!

    How would one try to reallocate space or memory to make it work?



    Hi Deb,

    Please try the following:




    I do believe this worked! I will rebuild the main menu and let you know if I run into further difficulties but i think it will be OK.

    Thank you for all your help. You guys are fabulous!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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