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    I want to have some item menus without content. I mean, some menu items are just item with submenu. It’s suposed to not link to anywhere, just display the child menu items. I thought if it was a category, it wouldn´t link to anywhere but it shows a page not found…How can I set up a menu item not to link anywhere?

    Other problems I’m having:

    1. I wanted to have a slideshow displaying my cliente’s logos, like this:

    What do you recomend me to install free? Or the default slideshows of the theme can be custumised like that?

    2. I want to put a map in the contact page, but it´s not a google map, i have a specific map and I have the it’s code. How can I insert it there?

    3. Finally, I want to have a newsletter subscrition form in my footer, with the newsletter function in my website. Do you recomend some specific free plugin?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Ana Leite



    0) Please go to Appearance > Menus and add a custom link to menu like this Use the pound symbol for a link

    1) Like what? I don’t see any carousell on that page, I just see a static image. But lets assume its moving. Ok Use a Media Element – Easy Slider. It would create a slider that size or smaller or bigger depending on what size images you plug inside.

    2a Please install the Enhanced Text Plugin ( )

    2b Go to Appearance > Widgets. Create a custom sidebar/widget area (bottom right) and call it my-map. Add the enhanced text widget to the my-map widget area. set the enhanced text widget to not show title or display before/after ( ) . Add your custom map code to the widget as shown in image. Save.

    2c. Create a page. add two 1/2 column elements. (lets say you want map in right column). To right 1/2 column please add element widget area. Select the my-menu sidebar from drop down menu in the widget element (please see image) ( )

    3.This one seems to be well updated, have a high user base for a community to mutually support one another, and is well rated for such a large number of downloads




    Hello Nick,

    Thanks for your reply.

    But I still have a few problems:

    1) slideshow carousel Logo: I tried with “easy slider”, but it only shows one image at a time. I want something very identical to post slider, but only shows images with link, instead of pointing to a post. Here you have a demo of what I want exactly:

    (but this plugin is not responsive unfortunately)

    2) I tried to create a widget with my map programming and insert the page as a widget area. But the footer of that page just disappeared and can not see the map anyway.

    3) I have a page with 23 column grid portfolio “, but the portfolio of my client has a 3 level category hierarchy. And in the portfolio grid page he wanted this hierarchy of categories to be visible so the user can use them as a filter. how can I set up the page to show the the category hierarchy of portfolio?

    4) I wonder if it is possible to have a filter categories of portfolio like this site:

    This is because the categories of the portfolio has a hierarchy like this:


    – subcategoria1

    – Sub sub category1

    – Sub sub category2

    – subcategoria2

    – Sub sub category1

    – Sub sub category2


    – subcategory1

    – Sub sub category1

    – Sub sub category2


    My client seeks a filter to user select the portfolio pages with a check box, selecting various categories and subcategories.

    How can I do it?

    Thanks for the help!

    Yours faithfully,

    Ana Leite


    Ah, another issue I’m having is that I wanted my form to have upload atachmente files to send. But the “contact form2 element doesn’t have this feature. How to add an upload and send files to my contact form?

    Thanks again.


    Hello again,

    Meanwhile, I noticed that the blog sidebar – with recent posts, archives, calendar and categories – it shows all posts and pages that do not belong to the blog! On the blog I just want to show the posts that belong to the category blog. I really do not want to show other posts from other categories. And if it’s possible, I would like the blog had subcategories, so it’s search, calendar, recent posts, etc. only show blog posts and respective subcategories. How do I do that?

    Can you help me?

    Thank you.


    Hi Ana,

    1) The presentation is really up to you but if you don’t find anything from the theme features you’ll need to find a suitable third party plugin. The exact implementation is up to you.

    2)It sounds like you may have done some step incorrectly but exactly which one or what happened is near impossible to tell without seeing the page live. If you can provide a link we can take a look.

    3+4) This isn’t possible with the built in theme functionality. You would need to hire a freelance developer to customize the portfolio elements to create a tiered sorting function.

    To give your forms the ability to have uploads you would need to use a third party plugin as the theme forms element doesn’t have that capability at the moment.

    The sidebar issue might be doable with a plugin but I don’t know of any that can do that off hand.

    If you have any other questions just make a new topic and we’ll address it as best we can.



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