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    Hey can anyone tell me why my custom link is not working? I’ve added it in the menu but the parent pages with the custom links are not even linked on the website. It doesn’t adapt to the front page. Whether it’s a direct link to another page or an external link.

    Thanks for you help.



    Hey Aline,

    It’s not linked or isn’t working because the custom link there has an empty url, you can try adding a url there.

    Best regards,


    There is an URL inserted, it’s all fine in the backend. E.g. have a look at “Interdisziplinär” should be linked to its first subpage “Dienstleistungen”.



    The parent links are pages and not custom link, I do however notice that when you click on the parent link it redirects to the page of it’s first child, I think this is from a plugin or a custom code. Stromproduktion under Uber Uns however is a custom link and not working since it has an empty url.

    Best regards,


    It doesn’t work even if there is an URL inserted!
    You can try it yourself. There is an URL for Stromproduktion now and it still doesn’t work.



    The href attribute of the “Stromproduktion” menu item has been stripped. It’s probably caused by a plugin or a custom modification in the theme. Please deactivate the plugins temporarily. Did you any modifications in the theme?

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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