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    First, I want to thank you for your support, here I’ve found lot of solutions to my issues.
    But this time, I need more help. Here is my page:
    As you can see, the menu is linked to anchors, positionned on color sections.
    The problem is that the though bringing visitor to the right anchor, don’t mark it as active. If you scroll the page, you’ll see the menu consireing, for exemple, that you’re in the “bio” section, as the page actually showing the middle of masonry portfolio…
    Any suggest ?

    Thank you guys.

    P.S.: Sorry for my english, I’m a native french speaker.


    Hey faitout!

    Please try Josue’s workaround here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-correct/#post-220223



    Sorry, but this answer didn’t match my issue.
    My very problem is that the menu don’t display as active the correct link.
    When I click on “Bio” link, the page is scrolling till the right section, but the link isn’t highlighted as active.
    Don’t know if I’m clear enough…

    Thank you



    I think I found the cause of the problem. should be fixed with version 2.5.2 ;)



    Tkanh you,

    I’ll update the theme soon.


    Ok, I made the update and… It’s the same thing…
    Is the problem related to javascript ?


    Sorry, I was not patient enough.
    The bug is fixed. Thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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