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    today I wanted to change to Megamenu. How can I set the columns for Menuitems from right to left like it was before? No it is from up to down as you can see on the last Menuitem on the right (B-Net), but if the menu is longer than the screen, it is not possible to see the last Item.

    It´s very crazy because on the Menuitem B-Live it works on the right way.

    I use Enfold 2.5, updated today.

    Best regards

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    Hey Bruno!

    I’m not sure why it would have changed but can you try re-setting the menu items in your menu. Turn of the menu item as a mega menu, save, then turn it back on and re-assign the items as columns.



    Hey Devin!

    I tried a lot, but it stays.

    I deactivate it as Mega Menu and re-enabled it after saving the changes. I have deactivate all plugins, I deactivate the Theme to the last WP-Standard-Theme, but I can´t get it away.

    I see it first time 3 days ago with Enfold 2.4.2. The same after the Update to 2.5.

    I have try to set it without Childs in the Subfolders, too, like the B-Live Item. Nothing helps..

    Best regards


    ! Update

    Hey Devin, that´s funny! Now I have deactivate the option: This column should start a new row, and now it works fine..

    I don´t know why, but for the moment it seems that it is fixed.


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