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    Hi I am a total newbie to WordPress… Just purchased your theme as I want mega-menus in my website. Unfortunately I can’t make them to show up as a mega menu. If I don’t create a custom menu, the default menu shows up as a beautifl drop -down menu (but I have two instances of home page)

    But if I try to add my pages (which are categorized as page->child page->grandchild page) they just all get shown as top level.

    I have the version 1.0.5.

    When I add menu items to the menu they don’t look tiers as you show in your documentation. All the pages that I add to the menu have the check box for use as mega menu!

    Please help!




    Basically somehow I can’t drag menu items!!! :O

    Why am I not able to drag my menu items???

    The only other plugin that I am using on my site is “Magic Members” I haven’t installed anything else… :(


    Crazy, it seems that when I deactivate the magic members my menus stat working!!!!

    Sorry for bothering (I will go bug Magic Members!)



    The problem is probably caused by a JS conflict between the theme and plugin. It’s worth checking what functionality is added to the plugin by JS and working out whether this functionality is required and what (if anything) can be done to smooth the conflict out.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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