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    Good Afternoon, Kriesi Support:

    I’m trying to work with a horizontal submenu. It was enabled by checking the “use as Mega Menu” box when I created the menu item. However, the Mega Menu Settings where I’m supposed to be able to change the menu behavior are absent from my Dashboard. Under the “Appearances” section of the Dashboard, the items I have available are:
    -Install Plugins

    I’m running version 2.9.2 of Enfold and WP 4.0. I’m using a child theme, but that shouldn’t be a problem right? Is mega menu something that I need to enable in order to see the options in the Dashboard? I unfortunately can’t provide access to the page, as it is being developed offline, but any suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Thank you!



    Please watch this video on how to get started with the mega menu:



    Hi Josue,

    Thank you for your reply, and for including the video. I’d actually already figured out how to enable the Mega Menus.

    I was under the impression that I would be able to access an additional settings panel under the Dashboard’s “Appearance” tab–that a full-featured menu customization plugin was baked into Enfold. Something along the lines of Mega Main Menu or UberMenu. Was incorrect in that assumption?

    I’m trying to figure out if there are further menu settings built into Enfold (that are just hiding somewhere) or if I need to purchase a plugin for any customization beyond what’s shown in the video you provided.

    Thanks again!



    Yes, there is no special panel for Enfold mega menus.

    P. S. UberMenu can be integrated in Enfold –



    Hola Josue!

    Con la instalación del plugin ultimate members, no se ve la casilla de Meg menú, alguna idea??




    nos puedes enseñar un lin precise y una captura de pantalla por favor? que dice el autor del plugin sobre este problema?



    After I set Ultimate Member plugin, the mega menu select button(“use as Mega Menu”) disappeared.

    How can I use Mega Menu like before?

    Thank you!

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    you need to contact plugin’s author about this issue and if he can’t help you I would go for another plugins or hire a freelance developer who can make it compatible for you.

    Best regards,


    I was having the same issue. After endless searching I found the solution in Ultimate Member docs,

    Enable/Disable Ultimate Member Menu Setting
    To enable/disable the settings that appear in nav menus and apply custom access settings to nav items, please navigate to Admin > Ultimate Member > Settings > Advanced > “Disable Nav Menu Settings”.


    Hi cost_chaos,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    I got this working but now it doesn’t. Perhaps if you use some of the UM settings menu settings they override Enfold’s Mega Menu settings? I am hiding menus from logged out users. Anyone any ideas?


    Sorry for the late reply, If I understand correctly you are trying to use the UM to hide menu items from non-logged in users. I was able to login though the first prompt, but not the WordPress site. Please check.

    Best regards,

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