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    Hi everybody, first of all congrats for this wonderfull theme !

    I’m having 2 issues with enfold theme on my website ( ; log: next ; pwd: next)

    1rst issue : When having the mega menu option, it’s impossible to access to sub-menus (column or row) with a mobile device (for e.g. I can’t access to my submenu “Home / Solutions / Audit” throught a mobile device). (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /2013-06-11_1014.png

    2nd issue : I’m having a youtube video embedded on my Home page with LayerSlider. When playing the video and scrolling down through the page, the video appears over the menu ! (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /2013-06-11_1011.png

    What can I do to fix this ? Tell me if I’m doing something wrong !



    Hi rsonrier,

    Yes, the mega menu only returns a second level down for the mobile version to prevent overly long mobile menus (which can be a negative UX).

    The second issue I’m not sure of a fix for. Z-Index issues with youtube and fixed items can get messy and horribly unpredictable. I’ve attempted to nail down why it isn’t getting the proper layer order but so far have been unable to.

    I believe the issue has been tagged for Kriesi already but I’ll tag him on this one just in case it has not.




    Hi Devin, thanks for your answer.

    But I don’t get something: if the mega menu only returns a second level down for the mobile version, why does the sub levels appears in the mobile menu but are not clickable ?

    Thus, is there a way to remove those levels from the mobile menu ?




    You can remove any link from the mobile menu by adding the class noMobile to that item. On the upper right hand corner of the menus screen you should see a button for Screen Options. Click that and then click the checkbox for classes.

    Now you can see a field for class when you expand a menu item and add in the noMobile class.


    I’ve been investigating the same issue.

    In my example, the mobile version only activates ONE level, the second level is disabled:

    From Devin’s comment above it seems that a second level should work, though beyond that (3rd, etc) it should disable.

    It seems that a site using a mega menu has no real option for a mobile menu beyond 1 level depth?

    Thanks for any help you can give me with this.




    Hey Darryl,

    I’m seeing the second level Our Animals menu showing on your site now.




    Thanks Devin. I could see them too but they weren’t clickable, the source code had disabled=disabled. That was using iPhone and simulators.

    I’ve found that using the Advance Menu flyout works seem using that one instead.

    I’m not sure why the developers at Kriesi added that logic about long menus being poor UI. For example, a limit of 3 levels doesn’t seem too unwieldy?




    Its only Kriesi doing the theme development and the intention is simplicity on mobile devices. In generally multi tiered menus are poor UX anyhow since it means a users has to really dig to find something so from a front end design point of view it makes sense.

    Glad you’ve found a work around for your uses for now however :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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