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    Hi I just noticed another forum member posted about mega menu, I didn’t know this was a possibility, do you have a quick how-to or can I be directed to how to implement this feature, also, can it include any html (picture/icons etc) support?

    Thank you (Im surprised with new awesome features, that’s a good theme!)



    just click on the right arrow of a menu item to define it as a mega menu


    You can insert any html code into the menu item title field and the description field. Eg you can insert a simple html image tag: into the description field and then the menu should display an image too.


    Great! Perfect! Thank you this is very good news!



    There is a video tutorial out now as to how to create a mega menu with Enfold.




    First of all the new tutorial is perfect, and in fact I had done very much the same thing .with the info “Dude” had given me….

    I’m now playing around with adding more html and styles, but I wanted to ask, my current task is trying to center the image and text in the area that’s created, Ive tried a few methods such as margin 0 Auto, and wrapping it with a text-align: center <p>…thoughts?

    AND how would you handle the placement of where it drops down from the nav bar itself? (mine is 5 main nav items and sometimes it drops down far away from the menu item)

    Thanks so much!


    Sorry I just wanted to edit my original post but I passed the time-limit. I tried the text-align:center and it worked this time, i added that styling to a heading class and put the image inside of it….like this:

    <h4 style="text-align: center;">Canine<br /><img src="" /></h4>

    Which can be seen here, and please, this is a draft of a draft….no judging, but I will take constructive advice! :)


    The placement of the dropdowns is calculated based on the menu item position and the width of the dropdown itself (number of columns, etc.). At the moment there’s no way to change the placement without breaking the responsive design and the mega menu function which calculates the position.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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