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    When Hide Mobile Menu Submenu Items is activated the mega menu parent items only expand/collapse child items on click for mobile and tablets. Any pages on a parent cannot be clicked through to.


    Main menu item>submenu item 1>sub-submenu item 1

    You can click main menu choice to reveal submenu choice and then click that to reveal sub-submenu however you cannot click through to any pages on the parent choices…only the last in the tree which in the above example is sub-submenu item 1.

    The mega menu works to collapse and reveal tree items properly. It’s just that any pages on any parent item cannot be clicked through to…only the last child.

    WP 4.1.1
    ENFOLD 3.0.8
    Tested on iPad Air iOS8, Android 4.4.4


    Hi TheMediaman!

    Is this what your seeing?

    I think that should have been fixed in one of the recent updates though.

    You can have the sub menus set to be displayed all the time in the responsive menu in Dashboard > Enfold > Header > Mobile Menu.



    Thanks for the reply Elliot,
    I tried the fix in the post but no success. It isn’t quite the same problem but is was worth a try.

    It’s only when hide mobile menu submenu is activated. On a smartphone and tablet I can only click through to a page that is the last child in the menu tree. A parent only expands/collapses on click. If I disable it every parent and child works but then I have the mobile menu that’s many screens long.



    Hmm, can you send us a link to your page so we can take a look?

    You can also do this,, if you want to create a separate menu for mobiles.



    Hey Elliott,

    I have the same problem and I have 3.4 and no ‘responsive menu option’!??

    Oops, sorry, I read to fast :-P will try that… haha

    grt Boris

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    Hi Boris,

    Please let us know if you should need any more help on the topic.

    Best regards,


    Hi, i´ve got a similar problem. The child menu items are not clickable.
    Could you have a look please?



    The child menu items are clickable just fine. Could you already fix it?

    Best regards,

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