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    the built in Audioplayer does not work properly in Firefox. The playtime, scrubbing etc. functions do not work, please see an example here : http://www.sonicmediadesign.com/product/musik-fuer-die-warteschlaufe-modern/

    It does work in Safari tho. Is this something to report to WP as it’s the default player built in WP ?

    Using WP 3.7 and Enfold 2.4.1


    Hey SonicCube!

    The audio player is working on Firefox 24.0 Windows 7. This is the screenshot:

    You can use these plugins if you want:





    Hello Ismael

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it’s not working on OSX and newest Firefox (without any add on or plugin).


    It would be grat NOT not use another plugin for the audiofiles, as i checked soooo many, and non of them either worked or integrated very well into the theme.

    Any other suggestion ?

    Thank you so much



    I have checked the players with other themes, and the progress bar is working there, it must be an issue with the Browser specific CSS for the progress bar etc. in the Enfold Theme.

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    I tagged this thread for Kriesi because he can test the website on a Mac PC. The player works for me on Win8 with Chrome, IE and Firefox.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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