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    This is driving me absolutely crazy. I have NEVER had these kinds of issues applying custom media queries. Some work, some don’t. Enfold used to be a Cadillac, and now it’s fighting me big time.

    I have the very latest version and would PLEASE like to have this resolved.

    I ask again, …please.



    Hi headbentdesign!

    What *specifically* isn’t working for you? Media queries in general isn’t something that we have any effect on working or not working since its a css specification.

    Best regards,



    Specifically, … adding custom media queries isn’t working when added to the (customm css) box for Enfold since the latest update. Had ZERO issues with this before the update. Now, something related to the update is causing chaos to the queries.

    Has no one else complained about this?

    I double and triple checked my code with CSS LINT and WC3 validator, etc. All good. Or at least no errors that I can see that would cause it would cause it not to work/apply.

    Any suggestions? Mobile is EXTREMELY important to my clients (all clients) so this is a big deal for me. I’m sure you can appreciate this.

    For you to say that this falls outside the scope of support surprises me.


    What specifically with your custom queries isn’t working? Is there an example we can see?

    This is the first topic I’ve seen about it and testing on my live dev install just now I had no issue.

    The official Scope of support can be found here: https://kriesi.at/support/register/

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    I looked at it when you posted the site url originally I just don’t know what isn’t supposed to be working. Eg, is there something in one of your media queries that doesn’t work? If so, what is it and where can we see it not working or being reflected.


    Hi Devin

    I seem to be having the same issue with choices – no matter what I try the media queries are not functioning.

    I’m using the same media queries as on 2 other sites using choices (they have not updated) and they are okay.

    Can you help please

    Thanks Steve



    Can you copy&paste your custom CSS codes on http://pastebin.com/ and post the link here so we can take a look?
    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit
    Could you expand on what you have done for headbentdesign? It seems that I am having the same problem – media queries have stopped working.


    Please help I have to finish this this weekend!





    Media Queries are not a thing that we as support staff or the theme have control of working or not working. They are a function of your own custom css and if they are not being applied or not working it is either because of a syntax error in the css or the css isn’t correct.

    We would need to know *exactly* what isn’t working inside of the query, a link to the page(s) showing what isn’t working and what you expect of your own css.

    Looking at your site my guess is you have not taken into account that the Quick css is loaded into the header of the page while the custom.css file is loaded *after* that css. So anything in the custom.css file has priority over what is in your quick css.

    Best regards,

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    Please leave this topic open. I will be back shortly with a resolution.

    I’m hiring my media queries pro to get to the bottom of this, and if it’s NOT theme related, i will humbly admit it. But I honestly think it is something within the latest theme update that’s causing my media queries NOT to apply.

    Never had issues like this before and my code is ok. Triple-checked.

    I’ve been wrong before, but we’ll see.


    @headbentdesign – I’d prefer not to let this turn into a topic to let users debug customization related to queries so when you do find a resolution or a next step make a new topic and reference this one (as has started).

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