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    This may be straying from Enfold’s support, but I have a question.

    In your Small Blog Demo, you have a post entitled “A Small Gallery.”

    It showcases a gallery of one large image that shows whatever you’re mousing over in the small images under it.

    Below is the shortcode that is produced…actually…I think in original link=”none” is not there in original downloaded, but works the same way with either.

    [gallery columns="5" link="none" ids="72,71,70,69,68"]

    I have tried to duplicate the look on other pages — large central image that shows hovered lower small images. However, I end up with just a row of little (or big) images — no “preview pane” large image above them.

    What am I missing to make the WordPress Media Gallery work this way?

    I really like the look on the demo and am frustrated.

    Your other galleries are FABULOUS…but I want this look, if possible.

    Is there some checkbox I’m missing? I want to use on a page, but the demo shows blog, so tried on post as well. Still no look.

    Is there a magic key? :}

    I can’t give you a specific url for the “A Small Gallery” page, so am showing you this plugin which sort of resembles it…

    • This topic was modified 9 years, 1 month ago by CharlieTh.

    Sorry, sorry.

    This was YOUR gallery off the ALB – Media Elements page, NOT the standard WordPress gallery.

    Used with WPGallery Custom Links plugin, it works perfectly for my requirements.

    Sorry to bother you. This is solved!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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