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    We have a Media Gallery where we want the pictures in a specific order (pictures of products together, pictures of headquarters together, and so on). Yet, whenever we want to add a new picture to the gallery, the order completely resets.


    Hi DavyE!

    Which gallery type and element are you adding an image into?



    Hi Devin,

    These are the steps I take:

        1. In the Advanced Layout Builder I go to Media tab then choose Gallery (icon with 9 squares).
        2. I click on the newly added Gallery element and click on Add/Edit Gallery to choose my pictures.
        3. After selecting the pictures I want I click Add to Gallery, then Insert Gallery. Now I will see the list of pictures I selected.
        4. Before clicking Save I first click on Add/Edit Gallery again and drag the images in the right order before clicking on Insert Gallery and finally choose Save.
        5. Now lets say I want to add or remove a picture to or from the gallery. I click the Gallery element again. In this pop-up screen I see the pictures in the correct order.
        6. Then I click on Add/Edit Gallery where I see all added pictures, BUT they are all in random order again. If now I click Insert Gallery to save it, the random order overwrites my chosen order. So I must again reorder all of my pictures.

    EDIT: Seems like the ol tag doesn’t show numbers so I added the numbers manually.

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    I tagged the thread for Kriesi. I’m not familiar with the gallery code and I want to wait for Kriesi’s feedback.



    No news on this, I suppose?

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