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    Hi ENFOLD team

    I need a clue, how to edit the «Masonry» module for images:
    Masonry with 3 or 4 columns: I need the PORTRAIT Images only in 1 column (but 2 rows high), the LANDSCAPE images in 2 columns (but only 1 row high).
    Is it possible to define the width for each single image BY MYSELF? or is this done automatically?
    Means: Can I define each image into PORTRAIT (1 column width, 2 rows high) or LANDSCAPE (2 columns width, 1 row high)?
    after adding those pictures to the masonry?

    Look here, something like this: http://www.bildklang.ch/portfolio/#portfolio


    Hey Stephan,

    You can add tags to the images but masonry will decide the positioning, and it might not necessarily be as you need. Can you show us what you’ve got so far?

    Best regards,


    Sure Victoria

    I need to decide, which image in a Masonry layout comes with 2 rows or only 1 row (2 Columns or only 1 column).
    I need all portrait pictures in 2 rows.
    How can i do that with «tags»?


    Hi Stephan Webgecko,

    Please have a look at this thread:

    Best regards,


    Ok, that means: Tags are NOT used with «masonry galery»? I need to create portfolio items first, tag them with «portfolio» or «landscape» and take the «Portfolio Grid» from CONTENT ELEMENTS and not «Masonry Galery» from MEDIA ELEMENTS?

    is this correct?
    No tags possible with «masonry galery»?


    Hi Stephan Webgecko,

    Well, I thought you needed regular masonry not masonry gallery. In this case, you can upload images of the appropriate aspect ratios for landscape and portrait images.

    Best regards,


    Actually this is not working as planned, I need all portrait pictures within 2 rows like here:

    See the girl with sunglasses takes 2 rows.

    With ENFOLD masonry every image comes with 1 row only:

    I need the portrait pictures within 2 rows, 1 column
    How can I define 1row/2rows by myself?


    Hi Stephan Webgecko,

    The images to be rendered in the portrait mode have to be twice as tall at the width of the image, otherwise, it will not work. You cannot define the rows but you can try the different masonry option.

    Best regards,

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