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    I just updated to 2.4 (on a test environment) and I can’t for the life of me find any of the new masonry options; and I don’t know if I’m just blind as a bat right now or what. If I check the different portfolio pages (from previous Enfold data import) there is no template for Masonry and if I look through the Enfold theme options there doesn’t appear to be a section that allows me to set this option either (checked under General Settings -> Blog Style etc.).

    I tried re-importing the data after my update to Enfold 2.4 but it doesn’t import the new masonry pages from the demo so how do we set up our portfolios/blog with the Masonry effect?


    Hi, you can find “masonry” when you create a Page > Tamplate Builder > Content Elements.
    I couldn’t find out how to add into page “masonry” the choise of article category as it’s done in “portfolio” page.


    Yup, I’m definitely blind not sure how I even managed to miss it being in the “Content Elements”; derp!
    Thanks begrafiks!

    On a side note, is it possible to have the featured portfolio image open in the lightbox instead of loading into the full portfolio item details?


    Hey guys, see if the intro video I did today helps:


    So then from what I’m understanding after watching the video (thanks for posting by the way) the only way to get the lightbox to work so that it doesn’t display the entire portfolio item is to use the masonry gallery element?

    For those of us that have been using the portfolio post type to load items and set featured images, this essentially renders the loading of all portfolio items we did pointless if we want to have their featured image use the lightbox (instead of linking to the full portfolio post) because to achieve that effect we have to re-insert/re-select all those images again from the masonry gallery. Is this correct?

    Additionally switching to use the masonry gallery instead of using our portfolio items to get the “lightbox only” effect does not have the filterable category selection. Will there ever be plans to allow the portfolio entries from the “fullwidth masonry” selection to have only lightbox enabled on their featured image (not linking to full post)?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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