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    Hi there,

    I am using Enfold and polylang with 2 languages (German & English). The german pages are working fine, but when I switch to second language, the masonry is not working anymore. There are no thumbnails visible.

    Details in the Private Content Box.
    Link to Webpage:

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    Hellooooooo? Any Support appreciated :-|



    We are sorry for the delay.
    It is a known issue that we will have it fixed on the upcoming release.
    The problem is on the plugins altough so we are trying to investigate on how we can configure it with them.

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,

    thx for the reply. That is more or less a good answer :) So I have to wait for the fix.




    I am really sorry that couldnt be something else to be honest.
    It is something that has been introduced from some reasons we cant understand and we do look to fix it.

    Best regards,

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