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    Hello, I have some issues about the masonry I am using, I am trying to find some solutions. I use perfect manual masonry with sorting by slug.

    1. I couldn’t see a solution for this particular expectancy: I have a masonry of my portfolio elements with variety of different categories which also has a load more button. Only the first loaded masonry elements’ categories are shown in the filter bar and if I filter a category it only filters already loaded content (it doesn’t try to fill the area with other same category elements which aren’t loaded yet.). I expected it to do it so. Is there a way to show all the categories at the filter bar all the time? When a category is filtered, is it possible to show same category contents until it fills the possible area?

    2. Second issue I am having is my masonry tries to change the masonry elements’ places when resizing my browser. When this change happens the column number doesn’t change only the elements try to fit in different positions. I wanted the masonry to end at the load more button line, not irregularly and I tried to sort them this way. I sort them with their slug, how can I keep them at the position I want and not let them change places?

    3. I expect this one to be easier to solve: I use my masonry so that only on mouse hover it shows the title and excerpt. However, only on defined elements I want it to show the title (and excerpt) all the time. I know that if I don’t use a featured image it does this but I want the option to change the size of the box with the tags landscape and portrait; it doesn’t affect when there is no featured image.




    Hey DesignUM_International,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    1.) As you have already noticed, the category sort can only filter existing items. It doesn’t have the ability to load non-existing items. Only workaround thus far is to display all items on the same page and disable the pagination or the load more button. You can also set the “orderby” parameter or settings to “random”.

    2.) The images that you’ve used have various sizes and aspect ratio so they don’t exactly fit together. Try to adjust the number of items or try to be more consistent with your images. Unfortunately, you can’t set the sorting manually.

    3.) Each item has a unique id attribute and you can use that to alter the style of that specific item. Example.

    #av-masonry-1-item-3293 {
        opacity: 1;
        filter: alpha(opacity=100);

    “3293” is the id of the portfolio items and “1” refers to the masonry element.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the answer. I understand number (1) and number (3) is solved. About (2) I think I am able to sort the content manually as I give slugs by myself. I did the order according to the different sizes of the elements so that it would fit the area I want. It shows it correctly at some sizes of the browser but sometimes it changes the places of elements even though their slugs are in order (same column number) and masonry breaks the slug order.
    Right order at almost full-screen size
    Wrong order at full-screen size



    Thanks for the update.

    Yes, you can use tags to change the aspect ratio of the images but the isotope script will still re-arrange the items based on the items’ size, the previous and next items and the parent container. Honestly, it’s quite inconsistent or random and we can’t do anything about it, unfortunately. Again, you can adjust the number of post items or try to use another Size Settings like the “Perfect Grid” but you may lose the randomize masonry style or effect.

    Best regards,

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