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    Hi there,

    I run the latest version of Enfold and WP. I must display a sidebar, but I would love to feature some of my blog posts on the home page in a masonry blog. I have tried it with the layout builder and it seems like you can have a masonry blog post view with a sidebar, the problem then is that the images are all very small and it looks terrible. Is there a way or are you working on a solution to display masonry blog posts with sidebar so everything looks great like the rest of your theme?


    Hey gentlemansgazette!

    No, Enfold does not support a masonry grid with a sidebar at the moment. We plan to add a flexible masonry grid element to Enfold but we’ve no ETA for this feature update yet.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Peter! That would really help us immensely and from what I can see in the forums others would like that functionality as well. May you can have a vote on future features. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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