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    Hello Team

    I have masonry for blog posts
    I have 2 categories
    When selecting ALL or uncategorizend, you can see all posts but when selecting by categories only open those of this year 2022
    I have Filter is “display all entries”

    Please, can you tell me if is there something wrong?

    I send you, in private, the link to the page and also password if neccessary.

    MANY Thanks in advance :)


    Hey Magdalena,
    Thank you for your patience and the link to your site, I see that you have the masonry options set to show 10 items at a time with pagination and showing 3 categories, when I check page 3 I see 2021 items, page 5 shows 2020 items, and page 75 shows 2011 items. So this seems to be working correctly.
    I also tested with only one category and it showed many different dates also.
    Am I understanding correctly? Please check again.

    Best regards,


    Hello @mike
    Thanks for your answer.

    Categories work ok with magacin blog, But not with mansory blog.

    I send you in private new link with masonry blog and categories. And also password if neccessary.

    Please test again; i think now you can see categories with items only dated this year 2022

    Best regards.


    Thanks for your feedback, I see that you have limited the number of items to show to 16, so what happens is that the masonry gets the first 16 items based on date (newest) and shows them, the sort term links above the masonry only sorts based on the 16 items showing, so they are all 2022.
    When you use the “Load More” button below the masonry (Cargar más) then more items are shown with older dates.
    This is the intended behavior, perhaps you would want to show more than 16 items at a time?

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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