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    I know this will be a very basic, easy question… but can’t seem to find the solution in forum searches here.

    Lightbox picture black border
    I would like to create a black border around pictures when viewed in the lightbox view from a masonry gallery… so… when the individual pictures are shown, there will be a black border (thick at bottom, thin at sides and top), and caption text in white
    –> how would one do a universal change for all masonry galleries for this?
    –> how would one just do a change to a single masonry gallery (without affecting all other masonry galleries) ?

    note: I separated original post into 3 separate posts for easier searching….

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    Hey alfpress!

    Try adding this to your custom CSS.

    img.mfp-img {
        border: 3px solid black;
        padding: 0px !important;

    Best regards,


    It worked in a way… but

    1) the caption part needs to be adjusted… because now it is floating inside the picture and a little to the left

    2) is there a way to put the caption underneath the picture …. and have a thicker border at the bottom…. so… for example :
    5px on left, 5px on right, 5px on top … and 30 px on bottom…. and… in the bottom area… the caption will go in white ?



    Please inser tthe below css into your custom css section to change the lightbox styling across your entire website:

    .mfp-bottom-bar {
        margin-top: -15px !important;
        left: 5px !important;
        width: 98% !important;
    img.mfp-img {
    	border-bottom-width: 45px !important;
    div.avia-popup .mfp-close {
    	top: 0 !important;
    	right: 0 !important;

    You can add a page id (example: .page-id-506) to any of the above styles in order to have them apply to a specific page.



    Drake (and Elliot) thanks ! worked perfectly !

    you guys don’t get enough credit for your super-support !!!!! worth everything !



    Thank you, we really appreciate the kind words :)

    Glad we could help.

    Please let us know if you ever need any support in the future.

    Best regards,

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