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    I am using some css to handle the opacity for the caption background – whenever I use opacity the Post Title starts to look like this.

    Also, I’d love to control the tools tips – formatting timing and relative position – any pointers on this css?


    Hi mocablue!

    Most likely because of this line:

    line-height: .9px!important;

    Could you try to remove it?

    The “tooltip” is generated from your browser and comes from the title tag of the image, if you want to remove them, please remove the title of the image.



    Thanks Rikard…that was supposed to be 9px not .9px

    probably has something to do with doing CSS while drinking :-)



    Haha the two don’t mix! Give me half a zip of red wine and I can’t write a single line of code :)

    Can we close the thread or do you have any more problems?



    All fixed and can close the thread…thanks Rikard

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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