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    I’m trying to add an anchor around a div box (which is valid html5) and works until I have to go back into the editor and correct something and when I go to the text editor, it strips out the anchor link around the div.
    I tried a couple of plugins to disable this but none work.
    Is there a specific way for this to stop doing in the Avia Layout Builder?

    Thank you


    Hey tamerax!

    Please try enabling debugging mode –



    Thank you but the html still gets stripped any time I switch from visual to text.



    Please send us a temporary admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply. Also please specify on what page this is happening on and where.

    Best regards,


    I have setup a test page with 1/2 sections. The first is the TinyMCE text editor block which I placed the code into the text section and the other section is a code block with the same code.
    Both of these links work but as soon as I change the text editor block, it will strip the a href tag out the the top and bottom line. No plugins I have tried worked to fix this.

    I have enabled debug mode on the site.



    Have you tried using Code Block? please try using it instead of the Text Block.



    Yes. As I said in my previous answer I used a code block but I would really like to have the ability to use the visual designer to edit anything like image placements.



    Does Code Block also remove your html code? also, I don’t think you can use text block which is using tinymce editor that is actually buggy and strips some html tags, the problem isn’t really in Enfold but in tinymce editor of wordpress (you can verify that when you use a default theme like twenty sixteen and add your html code to text editor and switch it to visual editor). If code block still strips the your code, can you post it in “private content” section when you reply so we can also test it out.



    confirmed it is TinyMCE or wordpress itself causing the issue. it’s just annoying that none of the plugins that claim to fix this infact don’t do anything.

    thanks for pointing me in the direction of some other troubleshoot tips



    We are happy to help :) I also had experience same problem before, that’s why when it’s using html codes I don’t use tinymce editor which wordpress offers.

    Best regards,

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