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    Hi there,

    On my regular site I am running the prior version of Enfold and everything including maps works fine.

    On my staging site I updated to the new Enfold version and maps load, then crash and display this message:

    Oops! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

    Here’s an example page where this happens (scroll to bottom):

    I then followed the instructions, got an API key, and input it in the appropriate field in the theme settings under “google services.”

    That did not fix the problem.

    Until we figure out what’s happening, I do not want to update my real site (www.thomashenthorne.com) as we really need maps to be working.

    Any ideas what’s happening?



    Hi Rob!

    Please refer to this post – http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/how-to-register-a-google-maps-api-key/ :)



    My dear Yigit… you may have missed this in my original post… but that’s exactly the post I followed / steps I followed…

    I input the API key into the staging site, cleared browser / flushed cache, and problem exists….. API Key is already input but that did not solve problem on staging site.

    So………. what next? ;)


    I’m going to give you admin credentials for my staging site so you can perhaps see what’s going on there… thanks!


    I figured this out!

    On the google site, the website needs to be entered with the wildcard so that every page on the website works…

    so for example, http://www.thomashenthorne.com will cause crash… but http://www.thomashenthorne.com/* will make all pages on website use API key.

    Does that make sense? You might want to modify instructions in case others make the same mistake.. you have to enter your website with a slash and the “*” wildcard to enable API key on all pages of site.


    Hey dear Rob!

    Sorry about that! But it does show up fine on my end.
    Can you please flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times – http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Hard_Refresh

    Edit: Great finding. We will update the post. Thanks :)


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    Yigit see response above… I had not entered my website with the wildcard… working fine now that I have updated API key with wildcard (*)… thanks!!!

    Sorry to trouble…



    Domain field is actually optional. Can you please try what happens if you leave it empty?



    Dear Yigit, that also works… to leave it blank, although it gives this scary error on the API console about any domain being able to use the key, probably a bigger issue for keys that are paid. (I wonder if down the road Google plans to charge for use of their mapping service…. hmm… interesting change they have made that would enable that.)

    Main production site is now working with domain field as blank…. I think this one is solved. Thank you for your help and hope this thread helps someone else who makes the same mistake I did.



    Glad it is working fine now!
    yourdomain.com/ should work fine without * as well. Thanks for pointing that out!

    I am marking this thread as resolved. Feel free to start a new thread if you have any other questions.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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