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    Since the last update, the mansonry gallery uses the actual title of the image as you set it up when inserting the image in the wordpress gallery, and not the title you setup when you create the masonry gallery itself. So if the actual name of the file you upload is picture_name_flat and the name you give it in masonry gallery is “Picture Name”, it will use picture_name_flat and not “Picture Name”.

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    Any possible solutions?
    Also is there any way to revert to a version before 4.8.
    Currently on 4.8.1.



    Sorry for the late reply. I created a test page, please see private, and it seems to be fetching the correct information. Could you let us know how to reproduce the problem you are seeing on your end please?

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    Thanks for the reply. My title would be greek-church-1030×978 in your example. I do not know why this might be happening since the last update.

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    Again I have tested and retested this and I do still get the wrong title and not the specified one.



    Thank you for the update.

    What is the login URL? We tried the default login URL and direct access to the dashboard, but it returned 404. Please post the login URL in the private field and the link to the test page with the masonry gallery.

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