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    Hi, first I’d like to say I’m super stoked about using this layout and appreciate all the hard work at Kriesi! Beautiful themes for awesome prices and, from what I can tell, a stellar support forum!

    I’m working on building out my site and I usually do this on a local host using MAMP before I transfer the theme to whatever online host I’m using. However, I’ve never worked directly with a theme like this and I’m wondering if I add this theme to my MAMP server and then try to upload all of my content and layout changes to whatever online server I use–will those changes transfer? Or will it revert back to the standard theme? If it reverts, is there a way I can get it so that when I upload this, all the changes upload with it?

    I hope that made sense… Thanks in advance!



    It is suggested you put the Enfold installation online. You will lose the theme options and the images when you try to work on MAMP then transfer the site online.




    For this purpose I’m using a plugin called WP Clone – search for it directly in WordPress – works perfectly!

    Description: Move or copy a WordPress site to another server or to another domain name, move to/from local server hosting, and backup sites.




    @melonmelon: That is a huge help. I didn’t know there is a plugin like that. Do the images and configurations get exported after it’s done? :)




    @ismael: normally :-) everything is transferred, database and data are packed into one file and reimported at the new location


    As long as it also has support for changing serialized data it should work perfectly. I don’t have the link on hand, but there is also another plugin that Kriesi mentioned a few weeks ago that has support for it as well which takes that into account.

    Its only ever an issue with moving domains with different name lengths but most of the import/export plugins have support for it these days.

    Thank you for sharing another good solution :)


    Thanks everyone for your help! I’ll make sure to try that plugin.



    Don’t forget to create a backup of your database and theme files.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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