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    I am needing to update enfold in order to allow proper functionality of some plugins and now I have a bridge to cross. I was unfamiliar with using child themes when I started building the site I am working on and now the site is heavily customized.

    I watched the video on using child themes and in the video, Devin mentioned that using a new child theme would essentially be going back to default since WordPress will be considering it a “new theme”.

    Here is what I am wondering… Can I make my current enfold theme folder into a child theme of a new updated enfold folder? In my current Enfold theme folder, there are 18 files which have been modified in one way or another so if I were to leave those 18 files in their current directories, then delete the files which havent been modified, then change the parent folder name to “enfold-child”, would WordPress still recognize the modifications that have been made instead of viewing it as a “new child theme”?

    If thats the case, I could then just upload the new “parent” enfold folder and update that folder in the future. I am hoping this will work because like Devin mentioned, normally you would start using the child theme before importing the dummy data. Please let me know if you think this will work for me.


    Hi Compustar82!

    Somewhat but not entirely. The theme now has an import parent theme settings option when you activate the child theme so the theme settings will be pulled down.

    The files edited however will only be replaced if they are in the root directory since that is the only directory where WordPress really looks for them. Files in other directories will need to be included or called from the child theme. Its kind of dependant on what files you changed and where to go deeper into what will need to be done.

    Best regards,


    So, what would be your recommendation in my case. Here are the files which I have made mostly slight mods to over the past couple months of customization:


    I will definitely be avoiding this mess in the future by starting with child themes. I appreciate your help with this.


    Ok dude,

    I activated the child theme and was not able to find any option to import the parent theme settings…


    Nevermind updating, that process went horribly.

    Maybe you guys can tell me specifically what changed from 1.6 on that would effect the bootstrap method opening a modal window. I purchased modal login plugin and the shortcode doesn’t trigger the modal. I noticed another post where someone was having the same type of trouble and it was fixed after they updated. Updating will not be an option for me so I need to know what change allowed it to work for the other guy please. Thank you


    There is really no way for us to tell you all of the changes that have been made since 1.6 for all of those files.

    Your only real choice I can think of is to update the whole parent theme and then compare each file you’ve modified against the parent.


    @Compustar82 Beyond Compare is a fantastic program and time saver.

    , not trying to meddle with your support here, just trying to help. I have no relation to this company, but can vouch that it works as advertised and many programming friends I know use it. Although there is a trial available, comparison software is well worth the price due to the time it saves you. If you do any type of web management or programming and value your time, it’s definitely worth the cost.



    There are a number of programs that have comparison tools which could help for sure. I’m not sure they would help in this case because the number of changes we’ve made since 1.6 is just huge. The html5 update changed almost every single front end template and on top of that the structure of many of the files were re-done as well.

    So comparing X 1.6 to X 2.4 would almost be apples to oranges in many cases.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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