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    Is there a way to make the child theme after, once the web is finished and where I modified and placed CSS code into the Enfold 2.2 original files?
    I made a copy of all the original files of the theme in the PC, and worked for a week into the Enfold 2.2 theme.
    I thought about Child Theme was for those who wanted to perform various web with the same theme.
    I know, I know, how could I be so stupid!! The issue is that I need to update to remove a problem of Flickering Nav Bar fixed with this last version.

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    Hello nicolasweh!

    Did you actually modify the css files from the theme? If so then there isn’t really an easy way to update and move to a child theme. You’ll need to re-do all of them by adding those styles to the child theme style.css.

    You could also keep the regular theme and update it if you had added your new css to the Quick CSS field in the styling tab or the custom.css file meant for customization in the css folder.

    Best regards,


    How fast Devin! This was the most relevant change made by Yigit in the Header: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-the-top-right/
    Can I copy the site directly to a child theme and then replace that specific file?
    Or should I start from scratch?

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    What changes did he make? The thread doesn’t have any hint about the changes done on the site because you gave him your login details. I will tag Yigit. If you edit the header.php, you can copy the file to your child theme folder.



    Ok guys. Thanks, I’ll try today to make the child and then update the theme. :)


    Hi Nicola!

    Changes were made in Header.php ( your GTranslate code ) file and you have some custom css in Quick CSS section. That was all i did :)



    Ey Yigit thanks for come in.
    I’ve move to the child theme and I was able to place the code GTranslate. All works Ok, Enfold Theme updated and working fine.

    The only thing is that this issue: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -bar/
    Not was fixed with the update. It looks like mastcharter user had a different issue than me and now that topic is closed.
    Will be good to reopen that topic, continue there and close this, I think ☺

    Can you tell me please if you experience the same issue than me with the double Nav Bar. If you not experience in your browser, please see the attached video of the other topic.
    Thanks. Great job in these so intense days! :)

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    The video link on dropbox is not working. Anyway, I don’t see the nav flicker on your website. Is this happening on all browsers? What OS?



    Ismael, The 2nd link in that topic works, the 1st one no, Sorry.
    OS: Windows 7

    Internet Explorer doesn’t produce the 2nd Nav Bar in Videos when sort, but distroy all the theme with issues, look captures:

    Firefox and Google Chrome respects the design as is, but produce the 2nd bar.



    The only way I can see the site looking like that is if its in compatibility mode which isn’t how you should be viewing the site in IE. So click on the little broken page icon in the IE navigation bar to turn it off.



    Devin, IE looks doesn’t care for me, I think is the most problematic web browser, and the most used is Chrome.
    So, I really need to fix the bad lkooking for the second bar both in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
    I’ve uploaded screenshots and capture video, so, until now, I have no idea if you also experiment this issue in your browses.
    Can anyone help me to resolve this?

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    In that case, no I’m not getting it on my end at all. I can check later on OSX as well but at least from my end now the second bar isn’t showing.

    I’ve seen it happen for others and its typically a plugin or odd css somewhere so if we can reproduce it it should be fixable.


    Ok Devin, thank you.
    EDIT October 15

    html.responsive, .responsive body {
    overflow-x: visible;

    You have by default: hidden

    FIXED FINALLY!!! no more double bar

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